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Animal Behaviour

Consultations to keep your pets in check

Our behaviour service is run by Natalia Bewick MRCVS. Natalia qualified as a vet from Complutense University in Madrid and subsequently went on to complete a masters in Clinical Animal Behaviour at Lincoln University. 

As a qualified vet, Natalia can examine your pet initially to ensure that there is no underlying medical cause for the behaviour. 

Issues commonly dealt with but not limited to include:

  • Aggression towards people or other animals.
  • Sound phobias such as fear of fireworks.
  • Separation anxiety such as excessive barking or destruction.
  • Compulsive disorders such as tail chasing, overgrooming. 
  • House training issues – inappropriate toileting, marking behaviour in cats. 
  • Senile changes in older animals such as disorientation, late onset anxiety or disturbances in sleep-wake cycle.

Consultations are approximately 1 hour long and involve a thorough history taking (questionnaire needs to be completed prior to the appointment), an in depth discussion into why the dog/ cat has developed the problem and how a behavioural modification programme can be used to resolve the issues. 

A fully typed report will be provided and follow up support for 3 months which is the estimated time where owners learn to modify and manage the undesired behaviour.  

Behavioural modification is a slow process and a significant amount of time and effort will be required by all household members. Some cases require medication which Natalia can prescribe.  

The aim is to identify the motivation for the behaviour and how to alter those motivations and perceptions through reward based methods. A specialist trainer may be recommended in certain cases to provide follow-up assistance with practical work. 

Many of the common pet insurance companies cover behaviour medicine consultations and treatment but please check your individual policy for details. 

Noodles Behavioural Case Study